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By Jeff G. Holt of www.baggersmag.com

"Roads that would normally cause us to hit the brakes with the stock shocks, we now jet right through willy-nilly with nary a care"

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"A big thank you to the Pro-Action Team! Your Fork kit is a blessing! I am wondering if rear shock are even needed! Lol - unbelievable difference. The Pro-Action Fork kit is literally carrying the stock HD-air shocks - amazing! God's blessings to the Pro-Action Family. Thank you."

— R. Long

"Your shocks are phenomenal, even better than I hoped. We rode both to Franklin and to Grove City over the weekend (400+ miles) and after much tinkering & many adjustments, I have the adjustments perfect for us. I ended up 3/4 of a turn less preload on the right spring and two clicks less bleed on the right shock; never touched the left shock. The adjustments are very sensitive and immediately noticeable. The ride is plush, a little bit floaty (which I like), and the bike rarely bottoms out. The Harley now rides as nice as the Indian did; and I didn't think that was possible. I called McMahon's this morning and told them how good these shocks are and recommended them to all of their customers. Truly George, you hit it out of the park."

— Dave

ps. you know how bad the roads are around here. With less than 1000 miles, I was considering getting rid of this bike and buying another Chieftain but your shocks made this Street Glide a keeper. 

"I rode in my first Motocross race and won, I had just got my new suspension from Pro-Action it felt great! Thanks Pro-Action!"
G. McPherson

"Always the best service at Pro-Action. They are by far the best in the business."
N. Sanders

"Thanks D.J. for the great set up on the shocks for my 2018 roadglide. They ride like a Cadillac just as you said they would. I put them to the test and slayed the dragon today. It was so much fun and it cornered so well I went through the 2nd time just to make sure it was really that good. The first 1000 miles have been great. Thank you very much"
L. Brown

"These guys rock. Great crew off people!"
T. McKinney

"Gold star all the way will not find anybody better to work on your project!"

J. Kish

"Awesome people to work with, highly recommend for your nagger."
D. Flinner

"Excellent shocks. Takes the jarring out of these Wisconsin roads."
L Woods

"My new Pro-Action shocks are fantastic! Really improves the ride! Bike now "gobbles up the road." Best money upgrade ever in the 35 years on two wheels! Really "tightens" up the bike, greatly improves cornering and low speed manoeuvrability! All baggers need these shocks! Thanks again for all your help and great service!"