Fork kits

In today's world with everyone striving to make leading edge products as cheaply as possible, Pro-Action has taken a different approach to curing the problems with the forks on the Harley-Davidson touring bikes. The forks on a street bike have no reason to have to be a high dollar cartridge system. There is nothing wrong with a long time proven damper rod system that was, and still is the standard of the industry. So with Harley there is nothing wrong with the damper rod system. The theory is solid. The malfunction lies within the manufacturers design.

We have designed and machined new damper rods out of billet steel. The new rods have completely different flow characteristics than the standard rods. We have replaced the stock spring rates with springs in may cases nearly twice the standard rate. The oil level and weight of oil have been modified to accommodate the new flow characteristics. The finished product is a fork that doesn't sag, greatly resists bottoming, rips high speed turns with confidence, but yet in all areas there is a much softer and smoother feel than stock. Low speed, mid range, and high speed bump reaction is nothing short of amazing. We have created a system where the damper rods, springs, spring pre-load, oil level, and oil weight have come together to provide a front end that does it all for just $375.00.

Fits most 41mm and 49mm forks on Harley-Davidson Touring bikes from 2006 to 2023. Kit includes Damper rods, Heavy springs, and spring spacers. The kits will fit other HD applications as well. Call for information and fitment on your bike (724) 846-9055.

Pro-Action Suspension Harley-Davidson fork upgrade kit componentPro-Action Suspension Harley-Davidson fork upgrade kit componentPro-Action Suspension Harley-Davidson fork upgrade kit component

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Fork lowering spacers

fork lowering spacers
  • Spacers so you can run a 1" lower front end
  • 41mm and 49mm sizes
  • For Pro-Action fork kit or your stock Harley forks

$45.00 (sold separately from fork kit)

Performance Fork Kit

gold forks kit

Available for 49mm forks.

  • Gold Titanium Nitrite coating for reduced surface wear and less seal stiction
  • New machined billet, position sensitive, bottoming resistant dampening rods
  • Heavy Duty springs
  • New seals and bushings
  • High quality fork oil

*Complete fork tear down and inspection, install Pro-Action performance parts, replace seals and bushings, and reassembly with gold fork tubes.

Just $1,140.00 for the complete factory kit like above installed (customer sends their forks in).

$375.00 for the fork kit only (like on site now), $550.00 for the gold tubes only.

Performance parts only (Everything you need to install yourself) $1,029.00.