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By Jeff G. Holt of www.baggersmag.com

My new Pro-Action shocks are fantastic! Really improves the ride! Bike now "gobbles up the road." Best money upgrade ever in the 35 years on two wheels! Really "tightens" up the bike, greatly improves cornering and low speed manoeuvrability! All baggers need these shocks! Thanks again for all your help and great service!

Your shocks are phenomenal, even better than I hoped. We rode both to Franklin and to Grove City over the weekend (400+ miles) and after much tinkering & many adjustments, I have the adjustments perfect for us. I ended up 3/4 of a turn less preload on the right spring and two clicks less bleed on the right shock; never touched the left shock. The adjustments are very sensitive and immediately noticeable. The ride is plush, a little bit floaty (which I like), and the bike rarely bottoms out. The Harley now rides as nice as the Indian did; and I didn't think that was possible. I called McMahon's this morning and told them how good these shocks are and recommended them to all of their customers. Truly George, you hit it out of the park.

— Dave

ps. you know how bad the roads are around here. With less than 1000 miles, I was considering getting rid of this bike and buying another Chieftain but your shocks made this Street Glide a keeper.