ATTENTION: To anyone who is in a back order situation for Pro-Action Street Series Shocks. I'm so sorry about the back orders. If the order comes in in the morning we normally ship the same day. In the afternoon it ships the next day. We have never been in a situation like this in 43 years. It is totally out of character for Pro-Action. We have told people that we would be shipping around the first part of August. It's now nearly the end of August. We have bodies, shock heads, and lower shock eyes in line and waiting to be finished at anodizing. I was told that we would be getting these parts on Thursday, August 27th. I was just informed that we would probably not have these parts in our hands until mid to late next week. There are many customers shocks on back order here. I'm personally heart broken. When they say "in these difficult times" I now understand the definition of that term. It means the inability to take care of your customers orders and issues because of situations completely out of our hands. Many other companies are suffering from the same fate. Harley Davidson won't be bringing the 2021 models out until January or February. Raw material supply lines are completely backed up everywhere. Once again we are very sorry for the delay. We order our parts twice a year. The orders have been placed back on April 1st for July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec. The slow supply line has put us behind the 8 ball. We are talking to customers daily trying to answer their questions. I can only pass along the information I'm given. With the entire world being all messed up it's a miracle that we made it this far without hitting the wall.

Pro-Action is a long established business in the motorcycle suspension industry. We are not going anywhere. We are not financially compromised. We will stand our ground and deliver the best product and service possible as soon as we are able. Once again, I personally apologize for the bad situation. I just trust that with all of the turmoil and millions of Americans out of work that the term "difficult times" means different things to different people and hopefully those of us waiting for suspension are the least effected by all of this craziness. If you have a back order with us we urge you to hang in there. We will build and ship as soon as possible. If you can't wait we would be happy to cancel your order. If you have a prepaid order we will be happy to refund your money. I hope that you will all hang in there with us. It's not us vs. you. We are all in this mess together.

Best Regards,